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National Security Law in the News: A Guide for Journalists, Scholars and Policymakers

By Paul Rosenzweig
Monday, November 19, 2012, 3:48 PM

In the category of shameless self-promotion, I am quite pleased to announce the publication of National Security Law in the News: A Guide for Journalists, Scholars, and Policymakers. The book is a joint publication of the ABA Standing Committee on Law and National Security and the Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University.  I edited the book with two Medill colleagues, Timothy J. McNulty and Ellen Shearer.

I think the book will be of great interest to Lawfare subscribers.  The book has 23 chapters, each of which is intended as a self-contained introduction to a discrete topic of national security law or homeland security law, written by an expert in the field.  So if, for example, you are called upon to answer a legal question about piracy, you may happily open the book to find Eugene Kontrovich's essay on that topic.  Each essay is accompanied by a bibliography of additional readings and a list of experts to contact for more education.  Perfect for journalists but also for lawyers who are being asked to look at an area of law with which they are not familiar.

Here is the table of contents and the list of authors (many of whom will be familiar names):

 Part I – Basic Issues of Constitutional and International Law

 Separation of Powers and National Security -- Vijay M. Padmanabhan

TheFirst Amendment and National Security -- Julia Atcherley & Lee Levine

U.S. Government Secrecy and Classification -- Andrew Borene & John Tunheim

The Role of International Law in Domestic Courts -- Deborah Pearlstein

Defining Terrorism Under International Law -- David Scharia

 Part II – The Laws of War and Military Operations

 The Laws of War – Regulating the Use of Force -- Geoffrey S.  Corn & Laurie R. Blank

Secret Operations: Covert Action and Military Activities -- Benjamin Powell

Piracy -- Eugene Kontrovich

The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea -- Glenn Sulmasy & Chris Tribolet

Targeted Killings -- Amos Guiora

Military Commissions -- David Glazier

Courts Martial and Other Military Legal Proceedings -- Jim McPherson

 Part III – Domestic Law Enforcement and Counter-Terrorism

U.S.-Based Intelligence:  The Law and Organizational Structure -- W. Renn Gade & Harvey Rishikof

National Security Investigations -- Todd Hinnen

Electronic Surveillance and Cybersecurity -- James X. Dempsey

Material Support of Terrorism:  Tool for Public Safety or Recipe for Overreaching? -- Peter Margulies

Extraterritorial Issues: Investigation and Prosecution of National Security Cases --  Jen Daskal

Data Mining: A Primer -- Adam Isles

Exports of Surveillance Technology to Repressive Regimes -- Michael Gershberg

 Part IV – Homeland Security Issues

The Use of the Military in the Homeland -- Kurt Johnson

Border Security and Immigration -- Susan Ginsburg

Advanced Imaging Technology -- J. Bennet Waters & Paul Rosenzweig

Responding to Biological Attacks --Barry Kellman

If I'm lucky, I may even get Ken Anderson to assign someone to do a review of it for Lawfare!  Meanwhile, enjoy.