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Mysterious ’08 Turkey Pipeline Blast Opened New Cyberwar Era

By Paul Rosenzweig
Wednesday, December 10, 2014, 1:47 PM

Bloomberg has the story.  For those who think that cyber conflict is a bit of a myth, this is a cautionary tale.  From the opening:

The pipeline was outfitted with sensors and cameras to monitor every step of its 1,099 miles from the Caspian Sea to the Mediterranean. The blast that blew it out of commission didn’t trigger a single distress signal.

That was bewildering, as was the cameras’ failure to capture the combustion in eastern Turkey. But investigators shared their findings within a tight circle. The Turkish government publicly blamed a malfunction, Kurdish separatists claimed credit and BP Plc (BP/) had the line running again in three weeks. The explosion that lit up the night sky over Refahiye, a town known for its honey farms, seemed to be forgotten.