Terrorism Trials: Military Commissions

Motions Hearing in the 9/11 Case: 1/29 Session

By Wells Bennett
Tuesday, January 29, 2013, 4:30 PM

Your correspondent returns to Fort Meade's Smallwood Hall, for Lawfare's CCTV coverage of a second day of hearings in United States v. Mohammed et. al. 

The day's motions are different, but our format remains the same: you'll find regular posts on our Events Coverage page, and links to those posts below, in this post---which will remain at the top of Lawfare's front page throughout the day.

1/29 Hearing #1: A New Lawyer, and Voluntariness

1/29 Hearing #2: On CCTV Stoppages and Forthcoming Orders

1/29 Hearing #3: Notice, Classified and Unclassified

1/29 Hearing #4: In Which a GTMO Sleepover is Debated

1/29 Hearing #5: More on Sleepovers

1/29 Hearing #6: GTMO Sleepover Part 3, and a Note about the ICRC

1/29 Hearing #7: Hurry Up With That Pleadings Review Already

1/29 Hearing #8- Al-Baluchi’s Telephone Call and a Delay of Game (Maybe)

1/29 Hearing #9: Maher Yes, Fox No, SCI Guy Maybe Later