More Thoughts on the DNC Hack

By Jack Goldsmith
Tuesday, July 26, 2016, 10:31 AM

Earlier today I wrote the following tweets, collected here in one place, in reaction to the DNC hack.

1/ In assessing the DNC hack, remember that USG is no innocent when it comes to infiltrating foreign computer networks.

2/ The cyber-attack on Iranian nuclear centrifuges was one of the most consequential in history.

3/ USG openly & aggressively supports technologies that weaken foreign gov’t control over networks.

4/ The Snowden docs reveal that the U.S. penetrates an unfathomable number of networks worldwide.

5/ These are but some of many reasons why the USG is widely viewed as most aggressive nation for cyber ops.

6/ It’s also well known that US has in past used covert ops to influence foreign elections.

7/ Current U.S. cyber-espionage almost certainly extends to political organizations in adversary states.

8/ The difference w the Russian DNC op, if true, is that Kremlin published the stolen data. Otherwise it’s ordinary state espionage.

9/ The point is not that US is hypocritical if it complains about Kremlin op in USG/DNC networks.

10/ Nor is the point to defend Russia (or whoever is responsible), obviously.

11/ The point is that USG plays rough in cyberspace, and should expect others to do so as well.

12/ And yet USG seems perpetually unprepared. DNC hack is tiny tip of iceberg of possible electoral disruptions via cyber.