More New Additions to the Lawfare News Feed

By Benjamin Wittes
Saturday, January 19, 2013, 8:46 AM

Three more new additions to the Lawfare news feed:

  • Wired's Threat Level blog, which covers online privacy and crime;
  • Foreign Policy's Killer Apps blog, which will---unfortunately---only appear on the news feed as headlines because of the way Foreign Policy structures its RSS feeds; and
  • Jihadology, a blog by Washington Institute for Near East Policy scholar Aaron Zelin---who collects and translates important statements by jihadist groups. Zelin does translations on the site of some statements, while for many, he merely posts  the statements in Arabic with contact information for those interested in commissioning translation services. As some of our readers read Arabic and many more do not, this particular addition to the feed will be more useful to some readers than others. I'm including it because the posts in which Zelin translates the statements are essential reading.