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More on Matthew Bissonnette

By Jack Goldsmith
Saturday, September 15, 2012, 6:43 AM

Lawfare reader Col. Fritz Barth USMCR (ret.) writes in with this comment on the SCI nondisclosure obligations of Matthew Bissonnette, author of No Easy Day:

There is one additional element of Bissonette's SCI access that seems to have been overlooked.  He has left the service (separated, not retired at age 36 as some have said).  When you separate or retire from a billet with SCI access, you are “read out” and sign a nondisclosure very similar to the one you sign when you are initially granted access and it binds you for 70 years.  This terminates your SCI access.  He would have (or should have) signed one in 2012 or whenever he separated.  It's hard to forget.  The only exceptions to this would be sloppiness or some special arrangement which is possible but hard to visualize.