More DNC Leaks

By Paul Rosenzweig
Saturday, August 13, 2016, 10:47 AM

The New York Times is reporting more leaks from the Democrat party email hoard: "A hacker believed to be tied to the Russian intelligence services made public another set of internal Democratic Party documents on Friday, including the personal cellphone numbers and email addresses of nearly 200 lawmakers. The files appeared to be less politically embarrassing and damaging than the hacker’s initial trove, which came from the Democratic National Committee. Those documents, released by WikiLeaks last month on the eve of the party’s convention, led to the resignation of the committee’s leader, Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz. But the emergence of another set of leaked documents threatened to intensify international tensions over Russia’s suspected meddling in United States politics."

Three quick points: 1) Current Administration response is clearly not working as a deterrent to further leaks. This is a very "in your face" action by Russia. If the Administration does not take some responsive action soon, it will only engender greater Russian adventurism; 2) More leaks are on the way -- bet on it. Look for something in October that is supposed to be "big." If I were the DNC I'd try and get ahead of the release now; and 3) There is absolutely zero assurance that the contents of this material has not been altered. Indeed, I would bet a great deal on the alteration of some portion of the release as disinformation -- the press and the public need to look with great caution at the credibility of future releases.

One man's view.

UPDATE: As one colleague pointed out, I initally said this leak was from the DNC. Apparently it was from the DCCC, so this is a different Democratic party organization.