Detention & Guantanamo

Marcy Wheeler on Latif

By Benjamin Wittes
Monday, November 14, 2011, 9:36 PM

Over at the Empty Wheel blog, Marcy Wheeler has a very impressive set of speculations regarding what the mysterious Report at issue in Latif (which I discuss at length here) might be. Here's her bottom line:

I think the document in question is a report with the serial number TD-314/00684-02 that I take to be the CIA’s report of Pakistani claims about a significant number of detainees they turned over to the US in December 2001–basically the intake report for a chunk of detainees, possibly (given the time and place) turned over for bounty. Here’s my logic: Latif’s Gitmo file makes the same claim the government made in his habeas case: that Latif trained and then fought with al-Qaeda. But that entire report cites just one source–TD-314/00684-02–to make that claim.

The post is some pretty impressive documentary sleuthing. I suspect Wheeler might be right.