Lawfare's Comments Policy Under Attack in Comments at OJ

By Benjamin Wittes
Monday, January 2, 2012, 10:00 PM

Anyone who wants to understand why Lawfare does not take comments need only take a brief look at this comment thread over at Opinio Juris blasting Lawfare--and others--for not taking comments. As the old saying goes, the thing speaks for itself.

I'll leave it to readers to decide whether our comments policy is, as Kevin Jon Heller puts it, "an act of cowardice" or whether it is, as I like to think of it, what we used to call in the news business editorial judgment. But it certainly is, as Benjamin G. Davis puts it, "a control mechanism," an effort at "total control of whom [sic] can post." We run this blog to provide useful information and to express our views, not to operate a free-for-all for anyone who fashions himself as having something to say. Anyone who wants to comment should feel free to send an email, which we often post, or to post to our Facebook page. Or, in the alternative, it seems that you can post comments about Lawfare on Opinio Juris. Or, if you really feel strongly about it, you can start your own blog.