The Lawfare Podcast

The Lawfare Podcast: ISIS in America: Disrupting Retweets from Raqqa

By Cody M. Poplin
Saturday, December 19, 2015, 1:51 PM

This week, we asked Lorenzo Vidino and his co-author, Seamus Hughes, both from the George Washington University Program on Extremism, into the studio to discuss their new report, “ISIS in America: From Retweets to Raqqa.” Their study looked at the 71 Americans charged with ISIS-related activities, examining each individual's various motivations, path to radicalization, and the degree of their tangible links to ISIS. What common denominators, if any, did they find within this group? How much of a role does social media play in radicalization and recruitment? And what steps should law enforcement take to more successfully counter violent extremism? Lorenzo, Seasmus, Ben and I discuss all that and more.

It’s the Lawfare Podcast, Episode #151: ISIS in America: Disrupting Retweets from Raqqa.