The Lawfare Podcast: Intel Security's Chris Young on Cybersecurity and a Debate on Using Data to Protect Data

By Benjamin Wittes
Saturday, April 30, 2016, 1:30 PM

Earlier this month, Lawfare held a lunch event in partnership with Intel Security, the Hoover Institution, and the Center for Democracy and Technology on whether Big Data analytics are merely a privacy threat or whether data can also be used to protect data. The event consisted of a speech by Chris Young, general manager of Intel Security, on the current cybersecurity landscape and the way Intel Security seeks to use data to protect privacy. We then held a panel discussion debating whether and how data can be used to protect data and what the implications of that approach are. Should we relax our anxieties about private sector data collection if personal data is being used to protect us? What if government gets access to that data? And how do we know that this data is only being used to protect user security and privacy and not for other things too? Discussing these issues are Greg Nojeim of the Center for Democracy and Technology, Daniel Weitzner of MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Laura Donohue of Georgetown Law, Susan Hennessey of Brookings and Lawfare, and David Hoffman, Intel's chief privacy officer. I moderated the event.