The Lawfare Podcast

Lawfare Podcast Episode #76: John Carlin on "State-Sponsored Cyber Theft"

By Ritika Singh
Saturday, May 24, 2014, 2:00 PM

John Carlin, the Assistant Attorney General for National Security at the Department of Justice, spoke at Brookings this week on “Defending our Nation by Prosecuting State-Sponsored Cyber Theft.” His remarks came just a few days after DOJ unsealed charges against five Chinese military personnel for cyber espionage, about which Paul and Jack have had plenty to say. Carlin sought to differentiate between the kind of spying leaked by Edward Snowden and the kind of spying foreign countries do on U.S. companies. His claim was that spying for the economic advantage of individual companies is simply unacceptable, and said that the Obama administration was not going to be shy about bringing more cases like this one to protect the intellectual property of U.S. firms. Ben introduced Carlin and moderated this timely and important event.