The Lawfare Podcast

The Lawfare Podcast, Episode #107: Tanvi Madan on the Future of the US-India Relationship

By Cody M. Poplin
Saturday, January 24, 2015, 1:55 PM

With President Barack Obama on his way to India early next week, we asked Tanvi Madan, Fellow and Director of the India Project here at Brookings, onto the podcast to preview Obama’s trip and discuss what we can expect from the President’s second India summit in less than four months. It’s a trip that comes with much fanfare: it's the first time that an American president has been invited as chief guest to Republic Day, and it's also the first time a sitting American president has visited India twice. Some commentators have noted that this proximity of exchange reflects a shift in the fundamental nature of US-India relations. But can we expect the results of the meetings to match their hype? Practically speaking, what can be done to advance the bilateral relationship on trade, defense cooperation, and regional integration? And what role does India play in the broader US strategy in the Asia-Pacific region? Are the two powers "natural allies," as Obama said in 2009, or just "strategic partners," and why does the distinction matter in how we view ties to South Asia?

Earlier this week, Tanvi moderated an excellent discussion at Brookings with South Asia experts from around Washington previewing the President's trip. The event also marked the launch of a briefing book, co-produced by the Brookings India Center in New Delhi and The India Project in Washington, D.C., on how the two countries can build a better relationship.