The Lawfare Podcast

The Lawfare Podcast: Comey Versus the Committee With No Bull

By Benjamin Wittes
Saturday, July 9, 2016, 2:02 PM

The confrontation this week between FBI Director James Comey and the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee would have been a riveting drama-filled showdown over the Clinton email investigation. Except for one fact: Five. Endless. Hours.

If you didn't listen to or watch this hearing, who can blame you? You have a life. You probably have a job. Who needs hours of listening to members of Congress speechifying or pretending to ask questions that are really monologues?

Don't worry folks. We have increased the signal-to-noise ratio of that hearing by, well, a whole heck of a lot. We took out all the opening statements, all the long soliloquies, and all the speeches with a "do you agree?" stuck on the end. We have taken out all the repetition of questions already asked and answered. And we have distilled for you the real Q&A in Comey's controntation with the committee.

It turns out to a fascinating interview about how Comey reads the law, what Hillary Clinton did and didn't do, how it compares with the conduct of people the Justice Department has indicted for mishandling classified material, and how the FBI conducted this investigation. And it's all in under 90 minutes.

Don't thank us.