Campaign 2016

Lawfare on Campaign 2016

By Quinta Jurecic
Monday, November 7, 2016, 2:04 PM

For almost exactly a year, Lawfare has been closely watching and commenting on the 2016 presidential campaign. As the campaign season finally draws to a close, below is a compendium of all the site’s election coverage, including Lawfare’s commentary on both candidates, Russian attempts to influence the election, and more. I have organized it all by subject matter.

Election Security

Russian Attempts to Influence the Election

The DNC Hack

Donald Trump’s Connections to Russia

Public Opinion on National Security

The Person of Donald Trump

Trump and the Powers of the American Presidency (series), by Benjamin Wittes

  • Part I—On the Threat to Justice Department
  • Part II—On the Threat of Misuse of War Powers
  • Part III—On the Threat to the Intelligence Community

Responses to “Trump and the Power of the American Presidency”

A Coalition of All Democratic Forces (series), by Benjamin Wittes

On Trump’s Promise to Jail his Political Opponents

Analysis of Specific Trump Policy Proposals

Trump and Trumpism as Threats to National Security

The Person of Hillary Clinton (and Her Emails)

Part I: Director Comey’s Initial Statement

Part II: Director Comey’s October Follow-up