Launching Lawfare Live!

By David Priess, Benjamin Wittes
Thursday, October 8, 2020, 4:19 PM

We are thrilled to announce that our new project, Lawfare Live, will formally launch on Friday, October 16.

Lawfare Live is a special series of livestream events designed to give site patrons something above and beyond our existing textual and podcast offerings: the opportunity to engage directly with Lawfare writers, editors, and guests. While the website and podcast feeds of Lawfare will, as always, remain free and universally available, events under the Lawfare Live umbrella will be offered exclusively to Lawfare supporters on Patreon.

The idea is to have regular—at least once a week—opportunities for members to:

  • Ask questions about important issues to the very writers who tackle those issues on the site;
  • Sit in on live podcast tapings and even ask questions of podcast guests;
  • Engage directly with Lawfare editors about editorial decisions and related matters; and
  • Be part of a community of the most engaged Lawfare readers and listeners.

Our inaugural forum on Friday, Oct. 16, at noon Eastern time, will feature Bob Bauer and Jack Goldsmith discussing their recent book from the Lawfare Press, After Trump: Reconstructing the Presidency, and taking questions about the reforms they propose.

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Other events will follow at least weekly, perhaps more often as developments in national security, law and policy warrant.

Lawfare Live will look and feel different than most Zoom webinars and other live sessions that have proliferated in the COVID-19 era. Our events will be highly interactive, as we will bring audience members up to talk directly to guests, pose questions and dive more deeply on the issues that concern them most.

So sign up now for what will be an exciting community of Lawfare readers and podcast listeners in conversation with Lawfare writers, experts, guests, and each other. We look forward to a diverse and energetic audience for this new experience.