John Witt’s “Lincoln’s Code”

By Jack Goldsmith
Thursday, October 4, 2012, 11:27 AM

As many Lawfare readers know, John Witt has recently published a book called Lincoln’s Code.  The book is about, among many other things, the history of the laws of war in the United States, especially in its first century, and the persistent tensions between idealism and pragmatism (my terms, not John’s) in crafting and complying with the laws of war.  Gary Bass has an enthusiastic review here.  I blurbed the book, stating: “Lincoln’s Code is a rich, subtle, and honest book that uncovers the deep impact of the laws of war in American history.  It is chock full of truly novel insights. I learned a ton from it and will continue to learn a ton on rereading.  It is a great book, one that will last forever.”  Lawfare will review Lincoln’s Code, and I highly recommend it.