Is Israel Going Dark?

By Benjamin Wittes
Monday, November 30, 2015, 1:53 PM

Today's fascinating piece by Matthew Waxman and Doron Hindin, "How Does Israel Regulate Encryption?," raises a number of questions in my mind, two of which I put out to readers by way of soliciting informed opinion on the subject:

  • As a result of the elaborate regulatory scheme Waxman and Hindin describe, is Israel less concerned about and at risk of "going dark" than are other Western rule of law countries? That is, is the result of Israel's regulatory scheme that it has maintained visibility into products and communications to which other countries are increasingly blind?
  • As a result of the regulatory scheme the authors describe, are Israeli users of commercial products less secure in their privacy than users in countries without comparable regulatory schemes? In particular, are there known instances of attacks by third parties on vulnerabilities maintained by companies to satisfy Israeli regulators?