ISIS Detainee Transferred from U.S. to Iraqi Custody

By Robert Chesney
Thursday, March 10, 2016, 5:53 PM

A quick update on a story we've been tracking this week, involving the second publicly-known instance of U.S.-administered military detention of an ISIS member. As noted here, a raid conducted by the Expeditionary Targeting Force last month netted an ISIS member involved with chemical weapons, and fruits from the U.S.-administered interrogation of that detainee appear to have informed some airstrikes on chem-related facilities this week. DOD has made clear that it did not intend to hold the man beyond a temporary period, and indeed we have now turned him over to Iraqi authorities, having held him for ourselves for about a month. Of course, that's not the actual end of the story. The next step in the story should be coverage of what the Iraqis actually do with him, just as we should be tracking what has become of the first ISIS prisoner we took and then turned over to the locals (Umm Sayyaf)--and, for that matter, what is becoming of the ISIS prisoners that Iraq itself may be capturing.