Interview with Michael O'Hanlon on AfPak

By Benjamin Wittes
Saturday, February 18, 2012, 10:31 AM

Two days ago, I posted video and audio of a Brookings Campaign 2012 event on policy towards Afghanistan and Pakistan in the next administration. The event featured a paper entitled, “Maximizing Chances for Success in Afghanistan and Pakistan,” by two of my Brookings colleagues, Michael E. O’Hanlon and Bruce Riedel. Separately from the event, I sat down with O'Hanlon to interview him about the paper. Brookings has just posted full audio of the conversation, as well as video excerpts. I strongly recommend O'Hanlon's comments--and the paper--to anyone who is seriously interested in this region, including in the legal issues surrounding our presence there. While Mike doesn't write about the law, his comments on policy, strategy, and governance have obvious implications for anyone thinking seriously about the issues we write about on Lawfare.

Here is the audio:

Here is the video: