The ICANN and IANA Transition End Game II

By Paul Rosenzweig
Thursday, September 29, 2016, 3:04 PM

I reported last week on the ICANN and IANA transtion end game. This week, Congress left town having passed a continuing resolution WITHOUT including a prohibition that would stop the Administration from letting the IANA functions contract lapse. It seems that it is "game over" and the transition will occur ... with one further complication. Four states, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, and Nevada, have sued in Federal district court to stop the transition. They filed the complaint last night, seeking a Temporary Restraining Order and a Preliminary Injunction. It appears as though a hearing on the matter may happen later today. [UPDATE: The hearing is scheduled for 1:30 PM CDT on Friday 9/30. The contract lapses at midnight.] Here is their complaint: