While Nero Fiddles

Hong Kong Independence Threatened

By Paul Rosenzweig
Saturday, July 15, 2017, 11:27 AM

Yet another important story buried in the chaos of the Trump presidency. As the New York Times reports, China is moving to end Hong Kong's independence:

Nearly three years after sweeping pro-democracy protests filled the streets of Hong Kong, a local court delivered the struggling movement a severe blow on Friday, removing four legislators from office and assuring China greater influence over the city’s government.

The pro-democracy lawmakers were dismissed from the Hong Kong Legislative Council because they had used unacceptable words or even dubious tones in taking oaths of office that require declarations of loyalty to China. The ruling means that democracy advocates in the semiautonomous city’s legislature will no longer have enough votes to block legislation from their pro-Beijing counterparts.

Go visit now, while you still can.