Secrecy & Leaks

This Has To Hurt -- The IC Budget Revealed

By Paul Rosenzweig
Thursday, August 29, 2013, 3:08 PM

For years, the Intelligence Community has fought hard against the disclosure of its budget.  Even the top line total was, for many decades, classified.  Now, thanks to Edward Snowden, the Washington Post has the 2013 budget proposal.  [Warning to readers with clearances -- the article is not classified, but links therein appear to be.] As even the Post recognizes, this disclosure will have a significant effect on national security:

The summary describes cutting-edge technologies, agent recruiting and ongoing operations. The Washington Post is withholding some information after consultation with U.S. officials who expressed concerns about the risk to intelligence sources and methods. Sensitive details are so pervasive in the documents that The Post is publishing only summary tables and charts online.

While the Post's restraint is admirable, I suspect that others may not be so circumspect.