The Harvard Law School Brookings Project on Law and Security

By Benjamin Wittes
Wednesday, September 7, 2011, 11:55 AM

Astute students of Lawfare's layout may have noticed this morning that our sidebar has a new addition: An announcement that Lawfare is now a project of the Harvard Law School Brookings Project on Law and Security. The new project, which we are delighted to unveil today, will be co-directed by me and Harvard Law School's Gabriella Blum and, as we put it in our mission statement, will be:

devoted to the creation of high-impact, independent, policy-relevant work related to the many areas in which law constrains security options.

It aims to bring serious-minded legal scholarship to bear on vexing and persistent questions of policy, and to inject real-world considerations and the realities of governance into academic discussions that too often ignore them. 

The Project will be conducting programming in both Cambridge and Washington and is designed to consider security not merely at the national level but at more international and local levels too. Its inaugural event, a conference entitled "Law, Security & Liberty after 9/11", will take place next weekend at the Harvard Law School and includes a truly wonderful list of speakers.

More generally, the impact on Lawfare of association with the Project will be significant and altogether positive. Most visibly, it creates a family of publications, including both Lawfare and the Harvard National Security Journal, with which we will be building synergies over the coming months. It will also aid in the ongoing expansion of the site, about which I hope to have more to say soon.