Targeted Killing

Greg Miller's Overview of Drone Program Developments Under Obama

By Robert Chesney
Tuesday, December 27, 2011, 11:06 PM

I'm taking a break from de-ornamenting my Christmas tree (or, more accurately, spreading an astonishing number of dried-out pine needles around my living room) to draw attention to this very interesting piece from Greg Miller at the Washington Post (assissted by Julie Tate).  It's a very handy overview of developments over the past three years in relation to drone strikes, plus a fair amount of fresh details that will keep the interest of those who follow this topic regularly.  The piece will be especially useful for those who are trying to get up to speed on developments in this area (or, as in my case, trying to get students up to speed).  And it will be of interest as well to those who are interested in the practical, policy, and legal issues associated with CIA-military convergence.  Among other things under that heading, Greg draws attention to the notion that the Execute Order governing a JSOC operation may have different parameters than the finding governing a CIA operation.  This is a point I harp on in my recent paper on the legal implications of CIA-military convergence (which I never miss the chance to shamelessly self-promote--here it is).