Fault Lines

Fault Lines: The United Nations at 75

By Lester Munson
Friday, October 9, 2020, 11:32 AM

The United Nations turns 75 but celebrations are muted as coronavirus has prevented the delegates from meeting in person. Jodi, Jamil, Dana, and returning guest Andy Keiser discuss America's relationship with the UN and whether it is up for the task of taking on the challenges of today. Should the United States defund the UN? Is China reshaping international institutions in its image? Why didn't sanctions "snapback" on Iran? All these questions and more answered in this week’s Fault Lines.

In our below the radar segment, Dana discussed the United States is planning to shutter its embassy in Baghdad, Jodi highlights the stunning statistic that 10% of the global population may have contracted Covid-19, Andy digs up President Trump's executive order on rare earth minerals, and Jamil emphasizes the importance of projecting military strength while President Trump was in the hospital.

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