Fault Lines: Return of the Founder

By Lester Munson
Thursday, December 12, 2019, 3:57 PM

The original Rum Bunch is back and talking about protests in Hong Kong and oppression in Xinjiang. In this China-focused episode, our band of former Hill staffers discuss what makes these two very important challenges to American values distinct, why the president and Congress treat them very differently, and how the U.S. Republican and Democratic parties see the democracy protests in Hong Kong and China's repression of its own people in Xinjiang Province in basically the same way.

This week features regular Fault Lines foreign policy experts—Jodi Herman, former Democratic Staff Director for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee; Dana Stroul, former senior professional staff member on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee; and moderator Lester Munson, former Staff Director of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and adjunct faculty at Johns Hopkins University—and guest Matthew Heiman, former attorney with the National Security Division at the Department of Justice.


Fault Lines is the fortnightly podcast of the National Security Institute at George Mason University that examines national security and foreign policy issues with perspectives from across the political spectrum—finding points of agreement and often disagreement along the way. Each episode explores the topics dominating headlines, as well as gives glimpses into the news stories you may have missed.