Fault Lines

Fault Lines: JCPOA Redux and FacePlant in Australia

By Lester Munson
Thursday, February 25, 2021, 9:12 AM

The Biden administration is open to reentering the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. Jamil, Les, Loren and Mike discuss what is necessary to actually prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons and then pivot to Australia’s law which caused a standoff with Facebook. Should America ease sanctions to negotiate a new deal with Iran? Is Iran already too far down the nuclear path? Is Australia standing up for the little guy or caving to corporate lobbyists? All these questions and more answered on this week’s Fault Lines.

In our below the radar segment, Grant focuses on new sanctions from the European Union, Les continues to track the Ethiopian Civil War, Loren sets her eyes on the stars, Mike highlights the issues around U.S. sanctions and Venezuela and Jamil discusses the arrest of El Chapo’s wife.