Event Video: "Cybersecurity in the Trump Administration: What Should We Expect?"

By Benjamin Wittes
Friday, March 3, 2017, 9:19 AM

The Hoover Institution has made available video of the event we did at Hoover's DC office with the folks at Intel Security. It was a terrific event, of which we'll be featuring excerpts on this week's Lawfare Podcast. But for those who want to see the whole thing, here are all three sessions. 


Keynote Address: Paying Down the Cybersecurity Debt: Recommendations for the New Administration
 Chief Technology Officer of Intel Security 


Panel I: What Can We Expect from the Administration?
, American Enterprise Institute
, Center for a New American Security
, Center for Strategic and International Studies
Moderated by: , Politico



Panel II: What Can We Expect from Congress?
, Staff Director for Cyber Subcommittee (Majority), House Homeland Security Committee
Hope Goins, Chief Counsel for Oversight (Minority), House Homeland Security Committee
Allen Souza, Counsel (Majority), House Intelligence Committee
 , Staff Director (Minority), House Intelligence Committee
, Counsel (Minority), Senate Intelligence Committee
Moderated by: , National Public Radio