Episode 4 of the National Security Law Podcast: Flynn, Borders, and PRBs...

By Robert Chesney
Wednesday, February 15, 2017, 10:33 PM

I'm happy to report that Episode 4 of the National Security Law Podcast is now out! Check it out on the site's homepage here, subscribe on iTunes here, follow it on Twitter here!

In this one, Steve and I grapple with the many phases of the Mike Flynn story as it currently stands: the Logan Act, FISA, minimization, liability for lying to the FBI, liability for leaking the fruits of communications intelligence...we've got all that, as well as a brief preview of the Hernandez case pending at the Supreme Court for argument next Tuesday (asking whether a non-citizen in Mexico who was shot from across the border by a federal officer may assert constitutional rights, among other issues) and a discussion of the issues that will arise if and when the Trump administration pulls the plug on the current PRB process at GTMO.