Enigma Sanctions Tracker

The Enigma Sanctions Tracker enables you to explore sanctions programs by country and theme, with visualizations highlighting activity by volume, geography, presidential administration, and growth rate.

Navigate the global reach of U.S. sanctions programs to see how the geographies covered by sanctions have changed over time. The interactive map highlights the geographic spread of five groups of sanctions programs: Iran, North Korea, Ukraine/Russia, Terrorism and the Narcotics Trafficking or “Kingpin.” You can click on a particular point on the map to uncover the names of sanctioned entities located in that part of the world. The interactive visualization allows you to zoom in down to a specific address (for example, of a sanctioned individual in Moscow).

Our sanctions by presidency visualization allows you to compare the actions on sanctions across administrations to see how approaches differ. You’ll be able to monitor the new administration’s sanction activity and how it fits with past precedent.