Enforcing International Treaties in U.S. Courts @ OJ

By Steve Vladeck
Friday, February 24, 2012, 4:11 PM

There's a fun virtual symposium underway over at Opinio Juris on a new article by Oona Hathaway, Sabria McElroy, and Sara Aronchick Solow titled "International Law at Home: Enforcing Treaties in U.S. Courts." Among other things, the article takes a fairly holistic look at the historical evolution of different forms of treaty enforcement in U.S. courts, and then contrasts that with the Supreme Court's 2008 Medellin decision and its aftermath.

For obvious reasons, at least some of the commentary seems relevant to Lawfare(rs).  Interlocutors include our very own John Bellinger, David Sloss, Chimene Keitner, and yours truly.