Campaign 2016

Donald Trump — National Security Threat and Media Creation

By Paul Rosenzweig
Wednesday, March 30, 2016, 3:26 PM

Donald Trump seems increasingly likely to become the Republican nominee for President. Like John, and Ben. I see this prospect as a threat to our national security. Had I been asked I would have signed the open letter on his lack of fitness to be President penned by many of my former colleages.

So then, the question recurs: Who or what is to blame for the phenomenon of Trumpism? Is it isolationism and anti-foreign bias? Is it the demand for an outsider? Is it the economic displacement caused by globalization? The answer to the question would, if availalble, help to identify the cure.

It turnes out that the cause, if one can be identified, is more simple -- the media created Trump. That's a conclusion that the media is at great pains to reject — as well they might. But the data are almost indisputable that Trump is the creation of the media -- and in particular mass market TV media. For proof, I offer the following data from two well-regarded pollsters that they recently published, entitled "Trump and TV." [While readers may, of course, wonder at the fidelity of their analysis, I think this quote from Charlie Cook about one of the authors speaks to that issue well: "I've known Jan van Lohuizen and watched his work closely for almost 25 years. I don't know of a more methodologically conscientious, more intellectually honest or a more straight-shooting pollster in either party. You can take Jan and Voter / Consumer Research's number to the bank; you can count on whatever they say."]

In any event, their data, and conclusions, are here for anyone with an interest to review:

Trump and the Media by Paul Rosenzweig