Document: Indictment Against Two Alleged Agents of Iran

By Mikhaila Fogel
Tuesday, August 21, 2018, 9:10 AM

The Department of Justice National Security Division has accused two individuals of acting covertly on behalf of the government of Iran. Ahmadreza Mohammadi-Doostdar, 38, a dual U.S.-Iranian citizen, and Majid Ghorbani, 59, an Iranian citizen and resident of California, are charged with acting as agents of a foreign power, with conspiracy to defraud the United States, and providing services to the government of Iran without obtaining proper authorization from the Office of Foreign Asset Control. The charges of both individuals can be read in full below.

Criminal Complaint and Affidavit against Majid Ghorbani:

Criminal Complaint and Affidavit against Ahmadreza Mohammadi-Doostdar