Diane Rehm Show Episode on Gaza Conflict

By Benjamin Wittes
Tuesday, November 20, 2012, 2:28 PM

NPR and WAMU's Diane Rehm Show yesterday had a remarkably sophisticated and serious hour on the Gaza conflict. Well worth a listen for anyone who's interested in the ongoing unpleasantness there. Guests included:

Michael Oren---Israeli ambassador to the U.S.
Aaron David Miller---vice president and distinguished scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center, and former U.S. Middle East adviser in Republican and Democratic administrations.
Shibley Telhami---Anwar Sadat professor for peace and development at the University of Maryland, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and co-author of the forthcoming book, "The Peace Puzzle: America's Quest for Arab-Israeli Peace 1989-2011."
David Makovsky---senior fellow and director of the Project on the Middle East Peace Process at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and co-author with Dennis Ross of "Myths, Illusions and Peace: Finding a New Direction for America in the Middle East."
Nadia Bilbassy---senior U.S. correspondent for MBC TV -- Middle East Broadcast Center.
James Kitfield---senior correspondent for National Journal.