Cybersecurity in the Trump Administration: What Should We Expect?

By Benjamin Wittes
Monday, February 13, 2017, 4:17 PM

In partnership with Hoover Institution in Washington and Intel Security, Lawfare is holding on February 22 a conference on what we can expect in cybersecurity in the new administration. Here's the event announcement. RSVPs are required, so please click on the link below to sign up. Look forward to seeing you there: 

President Donald Trump has pledged to end the defense sequester and make the development of defensive and offensive cyber capabilities a White House priority, but the contours of U.S. cyber policy under the new administration have yet to be set.


Please join us on February 22, 2017 for a lively half-day event exploring what we should expect-and hope for-from the Trump administration and Congress on the most pressing cybersecurity issues of the day and examining the implications for the public, industry, and U.S. strategic interests. This event will be hosted by the Hoover Institution in Washington and sponsored by Hoover's National Security, Technology and Law Working GroupLawfare and Intel Security. Steve Grobman, Chief Technology Officer of Intel Security, will kick off the event with introductory remarks. Two expert panel discussions will follow.


This event is open to the public and lunch will be served.


11:00 am - 11:30 am   

Keynote Address: 

Paying Down the Cybersecurity Debt: Recommendations for the New Administration

Steve Grobman, Chief Technology Officer of Intel Security 


11:35 am - 1:05 pm  

Panel I: 

What Can We Expect from the Administration?

   Jeffrey Eisenach, American Enterprise Institute

Adam Klein, Center for a New American Security

   Denise Zheng, Center for Strategic and International Studies

Moderated by: Josh Gerstein, Politico


1:10 pm - 1:20 pm 

Buffet lunch served


1:20 pm - 2:50 pm  

Panel II: 

What Can We Expect from Congress?

Brett DeWitt, Staff Director for Cyber Subcommittee (Majority), House Homeland Security Committee

Hope Goins, Staff Director (Minority), House Homeland Security Committee

  Allen Souza, Counsel (Majority), House Intelligence Committee

 Michael Bahar, Staff Director (Minority), House Intelligence Committee

Brett Freedman, Counsel (Minority), Senate Intelligence Committee

Moderated by: Carrie Johnson, National Public Radio

Cybersecurity in the Trump Administration: What Should We Expect?