CYBERCOM's Upcoming Law Conference

By Robert Chesney
Tuesday, September 13, 2016, 9:27 AM

From our friends at CYBERCOM:

US Cyber Command will host the fourth annual COCOM-Interagency Cyber Law Conference from 3 through 6 October 2016, Cyber National Security – The Law of Cyberspace Confrontation. Previous conferences proved successful at bringing together cyber operational law practitioners from across the joint force and inter-agency, as well as representatives from academia and the private sector, to address the unique national security law challenges presented by the evolving cyber domain. This year the conference will build on last year's success with a particular focus on the domestic and international legal frameworks and challenges to confronting the growing cyber threats in the gray zone short of armed conflict and employing cyber capabilities as part of broader deterrence strategies. The first two days of the conference will be held at the Acquisition Research Center, Hannover, MD, and will be conducted at the Unclassified level. The third and fourth days of the conference will be held at the classified level on Fort Meade, Maryland. The conference will be closed to the media and conducted under Chatham House rules.

Seating capacity is limited. For this reason, we will have to limit attendees to a first-come, first-serve basis. All attendees MUST hold a current, valid TS-SCI security clearance to attend days 3 & 4. For those interested in attending, please call (301) 688-2210 or email Colonel Gary Corn at for more details.