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The US-UK Deal Is Actually Quite Good

The US-UK law enforcement data exchange Agreement (should it ever be authorized by Congress) would be a positive step in regularizing the process of cross border data exchange and preventing the balkanization of the network.  Fears that it is overbroad, that UK judges lack independence, or that the UK's law enforcement powers are not subject to review are themselves mistaken and a bit overblown.  They also lack a due regard for the integrity of the UK democratic process.

The Russia Connection

Invasion of Privacy Suit Filed against Trump Campaign over Leaked Emails

Two Democratic Party donors and one DNC staffer have filed suit for invasion of privacy against the Trump campaign and campaign associate Roger Stone for alleged coordination with the Russian government regarding the hacking and leaking of DNC emails during the presidential campaign. The plaintiffs' personal information was included in the emails leaked to the public by Wikileaks, including the Social Security numbers of two of the plaintiffs. The suit has been filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

The complaint is available in full below.

FISA: 702 Collection

What Should Senator Wyden Ask About Section 702 Now?

In light of Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats’s argument that quantifying the collection of U.S. person communications under Section 702 would exhaust agency resources and threaten privacy rights, here are four questions that Senator Wyden should ask now to establish why an estimate has not been provided and what could be done to encourage such an estimate in the future.

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