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Document: Justice Department Unseals the Indictments of Three Members of International Cybercrime Group "Fin7"

The Justice Department unsealed three federal indictments on Wednesday charging Ukranian nationals Dmytro Fedorov, Fedir Hladyr, and Andrii Kopakov with crimes related to their membership in the international cybercrime group "Fin7." According to a Justice Department press release, the charges pertain to their "highly sophisticated malware campaign targeting more than 100 U.S.


The Cyberlaw Podcast: Best Idea Yet for Derailing the Kavanaugh Nomination

Our guest for the interview is Noah Phillips, recently appointed FTC Commissioner and former colleague of mine at Steptoe. Noah fields questions about the European Union, privacy, and LabMD, about whether Silicon Valley suppression of conservative speech should be a competition law issue, about how foreign governments’ abuse of merger approvals can be disciplined, and much more.

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