The Court of Military Commission Review Finally Begins to Move on the Hamdan and Al-Bahlul Appeals

By Robert Chesney
Monday, January 24, 2011, 4:46 PM

The CMCR has at last ruled on the recusal and en banc issues that have, along with some personnel shuffling, been delaying a ruling in a pair of exceedingly important military commission cases (Hamdan and al-Bahlul).  Dwight Sullivan has the details, and links to the opinions here at CAAFLOG.  Suffice to say that there were two recusals and that the remainder of the full CMCR will take these cases en banc.

I've posted repeatedly on why the CMCR needs to move with all possible speed on this front, and won't repeat those arguments here.  Today's orders say nothing of whether there will be a new round of briefing or oral argument.