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Zach Vertin is a nonresident fellow at the Brookings Institution’s foreign policy program and visiting fellow at the Brookings Doha Center. He served at the State Department during the second Obama administration and his new book, A Rope From the Sky: The Making & Unmaking of the World’s Newest State, chronicles the birth and collapse of South Sudan.

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Foreign Policy Essay

Turkey and the New Scramble for Africa: Ottoman Designs or Unfounded Fears?

Editor’s Note: Turkey has emerged as an important, but confusing, actor in the greater Middle East and beyond. Its policies have oscillated as its role has expanded, and it now plays an important role in the Horn of Africa as well as with its neighbors. Zach Vertin, a colleague in the Brookings Foreign Policy program, assesses the changes in Turkey's foreign policy and explains how the country's domestic politics and the ambitions of the Erdogan regime interact with the broader strategic realities the country faces.

Daniel Byman