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Zachary Manfredi received his JD from Yale Law School in 2017 and is currently a PhD candidate at UC Berkeley. While at Yale he was a Hansell Fellow at the Center for Global Legal Challenges and a member of the Worker and Immigrant Rights Advocacy Clinic. He also holds an MPhil in Political Theory from Oxford University, where he studied as a Rhodes Scholar and co-founded of the International Criminal Court Observers project.

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International Law

The Al-Mayadeen Prison Bombing and the Problem of War-Sustaining Targets

The New York Times reported on June 27 that an airstrike in eastern Syria destroyed a building that the Islamic State used as a prison for captured fighters. Observers indicate that the attack was likely part of the U.S.-led coalition forces’ larger bombing campaign in the region. Initial reports estimate that over 60 people perished, including 42 non-combatant prisoners and 15 Islamic State prison guards.