Victoria Clark

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Victoria Clark is an intern at Lawfare. She was formerly a national security intern in Governance Studies at the Brookings Institution. She is a senior at Georgetown University studying Government and History.

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Federal Law Enforcement

What Mueller Found on Russia and on Obstruction: A First Analysis

Mueller did not find a criminal conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia, and he did not conclude that President Trump had obstructed justice. But he did not exonerate the president either. 

Federal Law Enforcement

The Watergate Road Map: What are the Documents?

As Benjamin Wittes has flagged, on Oct. 31 the National Archives released the Watergate “Road Map” produced by the office of Special Prosecutor Leon Jaworski and sent to Congress as a referral for the impeachment of President Richard Nixon. The Archives has not only made the Road Map itself public, but has also collected a trove of related information that may be of interest to readers. We sketch out the categories of documents below.