Steven Weber

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Steven Weber is Associate Dean and Professor, UC Berkeley School of Information and Department of Political Science. He also directs the Center For Long Term Cybersecurity at Berkeley and is co-director of Bridging the Gap. His most recent book, Bloc by Bloc: How to Organize A Global Enterprise for the New Regional Order (2019), explains how economic geography is evolving around machine learning and the consequences for multinational organizations in the post-financial and COVID-19 crises world.

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Cybersecurity and Deterrence

How Trump’s Executive Order Could Have Stopped the WannaCry Attack

Last month, a ransomware attack—one of the most far-reaching cyberattacks in history—affected thousands of hospitals, corporations, and other institutions in more than 150 countries. As expected, an attack of this magnitude galvanized calls for action to prevent this kind of event in the future.