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Homeland Security

A Game-Changing Ruling in the No-Fly List Case

The most important judicial opinion to date concerning the U.S. Government’s terrorist watchlisting programs was issued on Tuesday, in the case of Ibrahim v. Department of Homeland Security, by Judge William Alsup of the United States District Court for the Northern District of California.  But he handed down the ruling in a highly unusual fashion, one that makes its full implications difficult to discern---at least for now.

Jus ad Bellum/UN Charter/Sovereignty

War Powers, Red Lines, and Credibility

Last fall, during the debate on airstrikes in Syria, commentators argued that the United States needed to act in order to preserve the credibility of American threats. If the “red line” that President Obama announced a year earlier wasn’t enforced, the argument went, dictators would be able to act with impunity.