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Sloane Speakman is a Syria analyst and was formerly the deputy foreign policy editor of Lawfare. She holds a master's degree in Security Studies from Georgetown. Previously with the Brookings Institution, she recently returned from a year in the Middle East, where she studied issues related to the Syrian refugee crisis as a Fulbright Scholar and Boren Graduate Fellow.

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Four Myths about the Kurds, Debunked

Editor’s Note: There is one bright spot in the darkness of the Middle East: the U.S. relationship with various Kurdish groups. In Iraq and Syria in particular, the Kurds seem the bulwark of U.S. efforts against the Islamic State and appear to be a relatively democratic and positive force in the region. Sloane Speakman, until recently my partner running the Foreign Policy Essay at Lawfare, questions many of these supposed truths. She argues that the U.S.-Kurdish relationship is far more problematic, or at least should be, than most policymakers recognize.