Samir Saran

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Samir is a Senior Fellow and Vice President of the Observer Research Foundation. He is also the chair of CyFy: The India Conference on Cyber Security and Internet Governance. He is the editor of India's most read journal in this sector, “Digital Debates.” Samir’s latest published work in this area include “The ITU and Unbundling Internet Governance: An Indian Perspective,” “Indo-U.S. Cooperation on Internet Governance and Cyber Security” and “The Shifting Digital Pivot: Time for Smart Multilateralism.” He is regularly featured in Indian and international print and broadcast media.

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Cyber (In)security in India

In the week leading up to the India’s 67th Republic Day on January 26, 2016, the National Investigation Agency apprehended 14 Islamic State “sympathisers” who had planned to carry out coordinated attacks. Although the men were arrested from six cities in different parts of the country, a common thread emerged: a single handler had been coordinating their activities over Whatsapp.