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Suzanne Maloney studies Iran, the political economy of the Persian Gulf and Middle East energy policy. A former U.S. State Department policy advisor, she has also counseled private companies on Middle East issues. Maloney recently published a book titled "Iran's Long Reach: Iran as a Pivotal State in the Muslim World."

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First, They Came for the Iranians

Iranians were not the only target of President Donald Trump’s executive order Friday banning entry to the United States, nor did they appear to be its primary focus. Citizens of six other predominantly Muslim countries were caught up in the sudden move to slam shut the doors of this country to individuals not on the basis of anything they had done, but simply because of where they happened to be born.


Rafsanjani Proved That Pragmatism Couldn’t Moderate Iran

With the death of Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, Iran’s former president and its preeminent fixer, the Islamic Republic has begun the most consequential leadership transition in its four-decade history. Rafsanjani’s departure from the scene will change little in the near-term struggle for primacy among the theocracy’s squabbling elites, but it is a harbinger of a larger process of generational transition that will determine whether the revolutionary state can sustain itself amidst a myriad of domestic and regional challenges.