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Sophia Brill is an associate in the litigation department at Morrison & Foerster LLP, in Washington D.C. She was previously an attorney in the National Security Division of the Department of Justice, where she worked on a range of legal policy and appellate matters. She is a graduate of Yale Law School.

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Military Commissions

1/28 Hearing #3: And on to the First (Now Moot) Motion...

We begin with AE20, regarding the time for the defense to respond to government motions.  The court thinks its moot.

Bormann is back, and doesn’t touch AE20’s mootness.  Instead she pushes forward with attorney-client matters---their merits, or ones surrounding their merits.  In any event, since October 2011, she has been unable to send written communications to her client, Walid bin Attash.  And there’s no question that what she writes to bin Attash is privilege-protected.  Nevertheless, the government’s prying eyes are always eager to peek into those missives---so she doesn’t send them.

Case Coverage: Military Commissions

1/28 Hearing #1: Changes to the Defense Team, and Things Voluntary

The hour arrives, and our hearing begins.  There’s Judge Pohl, looking resplendent as always in his judicial robes.   All five accused are present in the courtroom, though not all of their lawyers are.   We turn first, as always, not to the substance but to procedure: specifically, recent alterations to the defense team.  Maj. William Hennessy is longer a member of Walid bin Attash’s defense, having withdrawn---reportedly at bin Attash’s request.
Terrorism Trials: Military Commissions

Motions Hearing in the 9/11 Case: 1/28 Session

The wintry mix hasn't delayed our--Wells' and Sophie's---arrival to Fort Meade, for the commencement of CCTV-broadcasted-from Guantanamo hearings in the 9/11 case.

Today's programming format will be the same as always: look for regular posts throughout the day, in our "Events Coverage" section.  You'll find links to all new posts below also in this post---which will remain at the top of Lawfare's main page all day.

We await the motion's beginning, which is set for 9 a.m. . .