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Raffaela Wakeman is an evening student at Georgetown University Law Center, a former researcher at the Brookings Institution, and a legal intern with the Department of Treasury’s Office of General Counsel. The views expressed in this post are her own, and do not represent the views of the U.S. Government or the Department of Treasury. She was a full-time contributor to Lawfare from 2011 to 2014, most recently serving as an Associate Editor.

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From IC On The Record: A response to the Times Editorial, and the FISC Renews the Telephony Metadata Program

Two important releases showed up on the Office of the Director of National Intelligence's Tumblr on Friday.

First, the General Counsel for the ODNI, Bob Litt, responded to the New York Times Edward Snowden editorial last week, and sought to set the record straight with regard to the DNI's exchange with Senator Ron Wyden's staff in the wake of the March 2013 Intelligence Committee hearing.

The letter was published inhttp://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/04/opinion/testimony-of-the-national-inte...

Secrecy: FOIA

D.C. Circuit: OLC Opinion on Exigent Letters Exempted from FOIA

Today, a three-judge panel of the D.C. Circuit rejected an important Freedom of Information Act ("FOIA") lawsuit brought by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.  The group had sought disclosure of a 2010 Office of Legal Counsel opinion dealing with the FBI's use of national security letters in the wake of 9/11.

Detention & Guantanamo

David Remes on Guantanamo in 2013

David Remes, long-time Guantanamo habeas defense counsel, writes in with this recap of major Guantanamo developments in 2013:


The year saw heightened misery for the detainees, but also glimmers of hope. To protest their open-ended detention, the detainees staged a seven-month hunger strike. The prison warden broke the strike by making their lives too miserable to bear. The detainees continue to suffer torture and abuse, including humiliating genital searches. On the other hand, President Obama revived his efforts to close Guantanamo.